DevTool is the ultimate Xbox 360 development PC companion. Originally created as a private application in 2012, DevTool has been used by some of the most talented Xbox 360 developers in the scene. It has been decided to release the latest version to the general public to aid any remaining interest in Xbox 360 development.



  • Dump memory from your console and optionally edit in your favorite hex editor.
  • View the name and path of the currently running title. You can right click the text label for more options, and you can modify the path text box and use the arrow button on the far right to launch something else at the path you specify.
  • A list of all loaded modules with their names, addresses, and sizes. Right click options let you view more information and dump the entire module or specific sections to a file.


  • You can write any patches you want in the text box and instantly apply them all to your console’s memory.

XBL Center

  • To use XBL Center you need to sign in to a profile and obviously have Production or Partner Net access. If you aren’t signed in when selecting the tab, you will be asked to sign into a profile. The Sign In window will list all profiles on your console and you just need to select 1.
  • All your friends and friend requests are displayed in a beautiful Windows 8 styled tile UI.
  • XBL Center has a lot of options, here’s an overview of what it can do:
    1. Sign out of the currently signed in profile.
    2. Send friend requests.
    3. Join and leave parties. This also lets you join invite-only parties, but that hasn’t been tested since 2012, so that may not work anymore.
    4. Invoke the Party, Friends, Messages, and Players UI instantly.
    5. XUID/Gamertag Conversions. All you need is one value to get the other.
    6. Accept friend requests.
    7. Decline friend requests and optionally block the requester.
    8. Remove friends from your friends list.
    9. Send a message to one or multiple friends at once.
    10. Invite one or multiple friends to your game session.
    11. View friends of friends.
    12. Show your friend’s Gamercard.

Keyboard Hooking

  • Tired of the slow keyboard on the console? You can use this feature to fill in text boxes on the console. Very handy for account recoveries, friending, and messaging. This feature fills in the text boxes as the message box is popping up, so make sure to enable your hook before you invoke the message box, it does not edit the text box text in real-time.


  • Freeze, Unfreeze, Reboot, Take Screenshot, Launch XDK Launcher, Launch Dashboard, Send Text Command.

Module Launcher

  • Add shortcuts to your favorite games or apps and instantly launch them here at the click of a button.

Temperature Control

  • View your console’s temperature in real-time with 4 beautiful thermometers for various components. They update every few seconds.
  • Change your fan speed in real-time.

Neighborhood Drives

  • Customize the network drives that appear in Neighborhood.
  • View previously inaccessible partitions on your HDD, MU, and USB storage devices.
  • Customize the display name and locations of the drives.
  • Add as many as you want.
  • Not limited to storage devices, you can also add a drive that maps to a mounted XContent package. Easily extract files from DLC packages or title updates and even modify, replace, and add files to your profile. LIVE/PIRS packages are read-only, meaning you can only extract files. For CON packages, you can do anything you want.


  • The status bar at the bottom of the application features the following functionality:
    1. View your console’s name, motherboard and CPU revision, flash version, XDK version, SMC version, console type, and the console’s supported features.
    2. Force Reconnect button to re-establish a broken connection to the console over the network.
    3. The ability to select from several beautiful application skins.
    4. About box with general information. Please note the displayed AIM screen name is retired and that the “Private use only” notice no longer applies. These will be removed in the nearest update.
  • XNotify upon connection and for some features.


  • .NET Framework 4.0, you probably already have this.
  • You need the Xbox 360 SDK, version 21173 or newer. If you don’t have it, DevTool will stop working on startup. If you don’t know what this is, DevTool probably isn’t for you.
  • A real Xbox 360 development kit on the v14401 flash or newer. Not a JTAG/RGH, not a test/demo kit, a development kit. Might work on RGLoader, but not tested.

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Configuration Files

DevTool was designed to be compatible with any flash version newer than or equal to v14401. While every effort was made to remove dependencies on static addresses, there are some cases where this couldn’t be avoided, so configuration files were implemented to avoid locking DevTool to a specific flash version.

DevTool comes pre-configured for flash 16547. If are aren’t on that version, you will need to update some things to take advantage of certain features, see below. Also, each configuration file has a version number at the top, make sure you change it accordingly.

If you want XUID/Gamertag conversions, the ability to send friend requests, and the ability to join parties

If you want Neighborhood drive customization

If you want XContent package drive functionality

If you want memory editing functionality

  • Open HexEditorLocation.txt and change the first line to the location of your favorite hex editor. The hex editor application must support opening files by startup argument.

By default, DevTool connects to the default console you have set in Neighborhood. If you don’t want it to do that, then…

  • Create a text file named OverrideConsoleName.txt and type the name of the console you want DevTool to connect to.


NOTE: This version of DevTool is not supported. This means that any bugs you find can’t be fixed and there is limited email support.

The latest version of DevTool is currently, released on July 27, 2015.

Source Code



No further development is currently planned.