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Release History (July 27, 2015)


  1. Xbox 360 SDK version 21173 or higher needs to be installed.
  2. DevTool can only communicate with Xbox 360 consoles running a debug kernel. This means either a real development kit or a JTAG or RGH modded to run a debug kernel. The kernel version must be 14401 or higher.

Configuration Files

DevTool was designed to be compatible with any flash version 14401 or higher. While every effort was made to remove dependencies on static addresses, there are some cases where this couldn't be avoided, so configuration files were implemented to avoid locking DevTool to a specific flash version.

DevTool comes pre-configured for flash version 17489. If your console isn't on that version, you will need to update some things to take advantage of certain features, see below. Also, some configuration files have a version number at the top - make sure you change it accordingly.

If you want XUID/Gamertag conversions, the ability to send friend requests, and the ability to join parties

DevTool Screenshot 1

If you want Neighborhood drive customization

DevTool Screenshot 2 DevTool Screenshot 3

If you want XContent package drive functionality

DevTool Screenshot 4

If you want memory editing functionality

By default, DevTool connects to the default console you have set in Neighborhood. If you don't want it to do that, then...